See our environmental performance data 2011 – e.g. Co2 emissions, water usage and ISO-certified companies.




See our social performance data 2011 – e.g. female leaders, training and lost working hours due to injuries.




Find our COP in relation to our commitment to UN Global Compact and the independent auditor´s statement.




Reporting on sustainability and responsibility
In order to report on events that took place in Grundfos in 2011, we have published several documents: an Annual Report 2011, an Annual Statement 2011 and Sustainability Data 2011.

The Annual Report 2011 presents our financial performance of the year and includes our most important results in terms of sustainability. The Annual Statement 2011 tells the story of Grundfos by means of pictures and selected articles.

For 2011, we have chosen not to publish a separate sustainability report. This is not due to a reduced focus on sustainability - on the contrary. Our focus on sustainability has increased, and throughout 2011 we have been developing a new Sustainability Strategy: “Our road to a sustainable tomorrow”. With this strategy, we have selected six strategic focus areas which are important to us and our stakeholders:

- Sustainable product solutions
- People competences
- Environmental footprint
- Workplace
- Community
- Responsible business conduct

The strategy may be new, yet the focus areas are well-know in Grundfos. This new strategy brings a common focus and a clearer prioritisation – with the involvement of both internal and external stakeholders. In 2012, our focus will be on implementing the strategy.

UN Global Compact
Since 2002, Grundfos has supported the UN Global Compact. Furthermore, as part of our commitment we support Caring for Climate and CEO Water Mandate.

The document Sustainability Data 2011 functions as our COP (Communication on Progress).

Independent auditor’s assurance
Deloitte has performed a set of tests on specific data included in the reporting, and issued an independent statement.