Energy consumption*

Energy consumption is measured in mWh.

The reporting is based on GHG protocol scope 1 and 2, however fuel consumption from own vehicles is not included. Energy consumption is calculated for all activities in Grundfos companies.

The data show that energy consumption has been reduced 7% compared to 2008, and 6% compared to 2010.

Please note that this data cannot be compared directly with the energy consumption data from the Management review in Grundfos Annual Report 2011. Firstly, the scope is different; the Annual Report includes only production companies, while this data includes all activities. Secondly, due to further validation of a newly implemented data collecting system, certain errors were found in two of the production companies.

Please note that comparison figures for year 2008 and 2010 have been changed since reported for the first time. This is due to enhanced data measurement and reporting process. The changes are not material.

*Deloitte has performed a review of Grundfos Environment, Health and Safety data 2011.

See auditor's statement.

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