Non-hazardous waste*


Waste disposal is divided into hazardous and non-hazardous waste and reported in kilograms.

Hazardous waste is categorised according to national regulations – which means that non-hazardous waste corresponds to the residual quantity. The waste is indexed in relation to amount of 1 mio. working hours.

Focus is on handling waste correctly – in particular hazardous waste. However, sorting, categorising and disposal of waste in different fractions and handling are treated differently globally. This means that reporting on waste is not as mature as other environmental indicators.

More comprehensive reporting concerning waste was introduced from 2010 and the reporting of working hours has been enhanced to a more complete scope. Therefore, the waste/working hours figure for 2010 has been changed compared to prior reporting and the 2008 figure has been left out due to lack of comparability.

*Deloitte has performed a review of Grundfos Environment, Health and Safety data 2011.

See auditor's statement.