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Fire pump controller
Fire Pump controllers for diesel – and electric driven fire-pumps are given a signal from a pressure-switch to start up the fire-pumps. There is always one control-panel per fire-pump for safety reasons.
Fire pump characteristics
Fire-pumps are typically made with non corrosive internal parts to avoid clogging due to corrosion. To avoid cavitation and to have a stable system pressure, the fire-pumps are most often designed specifically for fire-pump purposes, with strict demands to the NPSH value and flow [Q] and head [H] curve.
Fire Pumps
Fire-pumps are typically listed by an approval institute and can be driven either by an electric motor or diesel engine. In a fire installation there can be one or more fire pumps put into operation as a duty assist (50%) – and standby pumps.
Fire sprinkler
Fire sprinklers can be open orifice or automatic. Automatic sprinklers are activated by heat that breaks the sensing device keeping the sprinkler closed. The water from the pipe comes through the sprinkler and hits the deflector and gives a water spray.
Fire sprinkler system
To prevent loss of people and assets in buildings fire sprinkler systems use water to suppress fires in buildings.
Fire Water Supplies
The water supply to the fire pump in fire sprinkler installations must fulfill the requirements for flow, pressure and duration. Sources can be public water mains, water storage tanks and inexhaustible sources like lakes, rivers and canals
Floor heating
A viable alternative to conventional radiator style heating systems is under floor heating. A typical solution consists of small bore pipes, laid in the concrete slab under the floor’s surface. The solution is typically fed by a condensing boiler or district heating.
Flow temperature
The flow temperature refers to the temperature of the water in the supply (flow) pipe in a heating system or separate part of a heating system. If a heating system is directly connected to the district heating system its flow temperature is set by the district heating provider.
Flow velocity
The flow velocity of a liquid in pipes varies across the cross-section of the pipe. The flow velocity profile depends on whether the flow is laminar or turbulent.
Fluoroelastomers (FKM) are one of the different types of rubber used as a packing material in shaft seals to prevent the pumped media from leaking.